House Progress: Part III

Well, we have concrete footers at our house! Woo hoo! I am beyond excited that we have finally started making progress in our little clump of woods. I've been doing my best to plan the design of each room. All I have left is the dining space and I think I've planned almost every little nook in our home. Now it's just a matter of ordering all the products so we don't delay construction. That's going to be super fun with a newborn!

Anyway, here's the design for our master bedroom. I'm planning on using the Phillip Jeffries studded wallpaper as the accent wall behind the bed. I also really want to do something interesting on the ceiling. I'm not sure if I'll save it for the dining room or if I should do it in our bedroom (or both). My friend's husband recently did an amazing designed tray ceiling in their master bedroom which has me itching to do the same thing. I'm in love with this gorgeous quatrefoil design trimwork:


If we did a similar design on our ceiling to echo the design in the accent rug, that would be amazeballs:

I like the idea of using creams to create a serene environment. And obviously I can't resist throwing in a few black accents. CANNOT WAIT!

P.S. Make your donations to the victims of Boston here. Every little bit counts. Show whoever did this senseless act that there are still more good out there than evil.