Design Tip of the Week

Normally, I post my Design Tip of the Week on my Facebook (which if you haven't liked my page, I'd be oh so grateful if you did!) but I wanted to show a few photos of my latest tip. My husband is a major fan of high gloss white trim, and while yes it does create a gorgeous contrast, I'm much more interested in playing with different trim color ideas lately. My booth for the home show has lots of detailed trim, and I opted to create a nice clean look by painting it the same color as the wall. By doing this, you still have the architectural interest without it screaming in your face. Isn't it so pretty:


I'm loving how it turned out, but no sneak peeks! I want to reveal it all at once, just like on HGTV. Yes, I know this is nothing like HGTV, but a girl can pretend...

It's very similar to fashion when one color is worn head to toe, don't you think?