It's Friday!!

Isn't it the best feeling when your alarm clock goes off (wait for it...) and after you curse that friggin tune that comes from your iPhone, you realize, IT'S FRIDAY!! I'm super excited for this weekend. We have NO plans for tomorrow. What a miraculous concept. A full day on the weekend where you do whatever it is you desire. Well, ok I actually do have plans for tomorrow. It involves all the fun that didn't happen on my birthday last week since we worked and worked and worked some more.

I also seriously need to clean up my closet. Clothes EVERYWHERE! It's so frustrating trying to get dressed in the morning. I read this great idea where you takes the clothes you still like, but haven't worn in awhile, and pack them away somewhere. Then the next time the season rolls around, you bust them out and it's like you went shopping!! Totally doing that for Spring. Plus the MASSIVE spider that was parked right outside my closet door this morning totally had plans to snuggle up inside the pile of clothes on the floor. Needless to say, we put the squelch on those plans...(and thank you husband for using my J.Crew pump to do it)

And here's my outfit today! I cannot take the credit though. I saw the ever stylish Michelle Willams in People Stylewatch's April's issue:

Her look is comprised of a Tibi jacket, Stella McCartney top and Current/Elliot pants with a Louis Vuitton bag. Mine is an Express jacket, H&M top, Target jeans, Target booties, and a Michael Kors outlet bag. Take that Michelle's totally made her spend more than she had to.

And what would Fashionable Interiors be (btw what do you think of the new look?? Little Blue Deer did a great job helping me achieve what I was looking for) without a room to match:

image courtesy of Decorpad