I've Got the Blue Grays

A gorgous day calls for a new pleated asymmetrical Zara skirt I've been hoarding for this amazing weather. I love the color. Not too blue and not too gray. Blay if you will. I think I just made up a new color name. You heard it here first...

Zara Skirt / Zara Heels / Michael Kors Bag / Cynthia Rowley Scarf

I just love a good Blay on the wall (Now that I'm thinking about it, does Grue sound better??)


 Farrow & Ball's Parma Gray is a perfect match:

Would you paint a room in your home this color?

A Fashionable Interior: Carrera Marble

Who doesn't love a good carrera marble? We're not just talking kitchens and baths now, we're talking gettin the look with jewels. Sorrelli's newest line, Agean Sea, features stones that look just like carrera marble. A decorator's dream!

Image via Coco + Kelley
Via Pinterest

This powder room made me gasp out loud:
Via Mackenzie Pages

Via Pinterest

I'm hard at work on my Blogfest 2012 recap post and can't wait to share the experience with you!

Life Lately + Winner

Hello!! My poor little computer is back and safe in my arms. That was a doozy, lemme tell ya. Not having my computer at work made me feel like a cave woman. But anyway, we have lots to discuss! First off, my husband and I are finally becoming serious about building our house. Cue insane excitement coupled with intense panic. I am my own worst client. And my husband builds homes for a living. We are going to hate ourselves at the end. But still exciting regardless of a potential self-loathing outcome. My father-in-law also is a retired home builder and had a lot he purchased years ago and did nothing with. This is where we always assumed we'd be building our house until I found this bad boy:

And it's all ours at the end of the month! 3 acres of wooded bliss on a quiet road. We could not be more excited. We've also started working with an architect and have our preliminary print complete. Thank god my husband is so easy going. I seriously feel bad for the guy for having to put up with my constant requests.

Also this month, my husband celebrated his 30th birthday! I majorly surprised him with a limo with our friends and dinner at Fogo de Chao, an insanely good brazilian steakhouse. Here's what I wore: (ps If I look ridiculously tense, it's because I was. His cousin was late for the limo arriving momentarily and almost ruined the surprise...)

By the way, that's totally a Liz Lange for Target maternity dress. Coincidently, it was perfect for a night of all you can eat meat at a brazilian steak house...

I went to visit my dear friend in Philadelphia where we visited a wine bar and of course went shopping:

I also got my garden together for the season. Some of my plants are from the gorgeous Terrain. I absolutely love going there.

And here's my little garden!

And finally Blogfest 2012 starts today!!! I have been looking forward to this all year. My outfits are all packed and I'm ready to go.

I'll be taking lots of photos to share, especially with Margaret Russell, the editor of Architectural Digest and Thom Felicia, the designer behind the show I loved, Dress My Nest. We'll be visiting the Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse and the Elle Decor Modern Life Concept House. It's going to be an amazing 3 days...

P.S. If you're looking to give someone flowers, but want to spruce it up a bit, check out what I did this weekend. I used craft paper and a ribbon to make these tulips look so much nicer than the plastic wrap you buy them in:

P.P.S. The winner for the giveaway! I could finally do it now that I have my computer back! The winner is Lisa! I'll be in contact and congrats! Thanks to all those who participated!


The computer docs are still operating on my poor virus infested computer. Unfortunately, we have become so reliant on technology that I'm finding difficult to even function. Hopefully, I should have it tomorrow and I can announce the winner of the giveaway! In the meantime, I feel like going home, putting a tutu on and lying in bed all day until my computer is safely back in my arms....


A Decorator's POV

Today's post is all about my point of view on current trends. You can agree with me or you can vehemently disagree with me. Either way, I'd love to hear it!

Leopard Jeans

I had a love hate relationship with Target for quite some time. Every time I walked in that store, the Vanilla Star leopard jeans would stare at me. They'd say, you know you want to try me on. You know you'll eventually buy me. What are you waiting for? They won. But only because they were on clearance for $16 and if I ended up hating them next year, it wouldn't be a total loss. Well, I ended up loving them. And so did like 8 people who complimented me the day I wore them, so these bad boys must have been a good choice:

The trick is, pair them with something classic and ultra feminine if you don't want to look too hipster. I was inspired by these stylish gals: 

Now she makes me want to get the gray ones, too. Oye... from: kendieveryday.com

Pajama Top

The only reason I'm hesitant about taking the pajama top plunge is I vividly remember my Dad wearing a pajama top that looked very much like the ones we're seeing hitting the streets. And his was worn for it's original intention. I say if I find one at a great price, sure why not.


Hightop Sneakers

I'm sorry OP, to me you are my  modern day fashion icon, but really? Why? You've ruined a perfectly gorgeous amazing outfit with shoes you've clearly stolen from MC Hammer's closet. I mean, kudos for keeping the color scheme consistent with them, but I just can't get on board.
I will, however, say if someone said it's either wear hightop sneakers or give me your first born child, this is how I'd want to look wearing them...

Door Colors
I am so in love with this trend right now. Painting an accent interior door a bold, high gloss color is so in right now, and it's the perfect way to add an element of interest to a room:

House Beautiful

Easel TV Stands

Another very cool idea to be hitting the design world, I'm definitely over flat screens being mounted on walls and being the main focal point in a room. Granted, the tv is typically the main focal point, but let's keep it interesting by incorporating it into the decor better. The only downside: It takes up a lot more room than hanging the tv on the wall:

Apartment Therapy
Matching Patterns:

This can be done tastefully and it can be done where you run from the room screaming. It's definitely a statement making design, but just make sure the stamement you're trying to make is what you intended.

Ok, ok no bad. I might miss the chair when I go to sit down, but it's manageable:

Again, not too bad if you're looking to keep your window treatments from being a main focal point. I prefer to keep it interesting and vary it up. I will, however, take that view :

There's just too many amazing resources when it comes to decorating today, so I say take advantage of them. Matching wallpaper, headboard, and nighstand fabric? I know I personally couldn't wake up in this room every morning:

So that's my point of view on what's happening in the design and fashion industry! I'd love to hear your opinion. Have a great weekend!

P.S. Today's the last day for the giveaway!!

Trending Neon

Neon is everywhere you look these days, but if you're like me, I've proceeded with caution so as not to look like a cast member on Saved By the Bell. There's also some really great ways to incorporate the trend into your homes, as well:

Decorating 101: Use accessories to incorporate a trend. This space did just that with the neon pillows and how friggin cool is the neon bust in the corner? Such a great idea to play with a decorative piece that typically possesses a serious tone.
Again, artwork is a great way to try something new and you can totally get a cheap coffee table at a thrift store and go to town spray painting. When you're tired of the neon pink, it's easy and inexpensive to change it. I'm not quite sure what the illuminated pig is all about, but hey to each his own. Also, in both this room and the one above, the moody charcoal gray is an excellent backdrop to the neon tones. Gray is definitely my favorite color to pair with neon.

Love the neon door against the black and white wallpaper. These kinds of ideas are what great design is all about. The wallpaper is a take on a very traditional, hoity toity toile and the trimwork is super detailed and grand. Then, you throw a neon door in the mix to keep things interesting and tone down the formal feel of this dining room. Perfection.

And come on. What girl would not live here in a heartbeat?

Seen many times over in the blogosphere, whoever this chic is most definitely has a lot of girl haters, me included. Amazing chanel bag, hermes cuff, and the coolest neon dress ever?? I salute you. 

Gorgeous soft gray tones:

And here's an outfit I threw together featuring neon yellow jeans. My style is very ladylike so here's what I'd pair them with:

Only one more day to enter my giveaway! There's not a lot of entries, so your chances of winning are lookin' pretty good...

Feminizing Leather

It's no secret leather is having a serious moment in the fashion industry. Also, it's been a staple in interiors forever. But sometimes, it can have a masculine, tough feel to it unless you counteract it with a touch only women can do.

Here's my full leather skirt I scored at White House Black Market. Not only does the shape lend a feminine vibe, but by adding a silk floral scarf and lady like shoes and purse, it's just as girly as a tutu:

Cupcakes and Cashmere
Apparently H&M has this leather peplum top, but I have yet to see it at any of the locations I've been in the past month, which include Manhattan, Philadelphia, and King of Prussia. Where are you dear friend, where? It's time to come home...


Valentino, you da man. From the stunning clutch to this jacket that will haunt me for the remainder of my
time here on earth, you can do me no wrong.

One of my most favorite spaces from Country Living, I love how this chic added a dose of girly to this otherwise manly leather couch:

Beautiful space, I'm loving the mint walls and chandi, not to mention the gorgeous antique fireplace. All this combined helps the leather egg chair fit in nicely:

Elements of Style
This was my Parisian inspired display booth at a home show I was in last month. I added the feminine shaped Louis XVI chairs and painted the walls lilac to create a nice contrast with the leather couch:

Tendenza Fashion & Interiors
Don't forget about the giveaway!! You don't want to miss adding a splash of worldly charm to your space or closet do you?

P.S. My work computer has a nasty nasty virus right now. Please be careful because apparently this is one that bypasses all anti-virus software. Thankfully, the computer docs are repairing it, but definitely quite the inconvenience.