Manic Mondays

I'm designing up a storm over here lately, trying to get our showroom going. I initially had planned on opening a whole big showroom under my interior decorating company, but realized my life is already hectic as it is and I didn't want to get in over my head at the moment. All in good time. So what is happening is we are designing a small space that is off of our office to become the new Folino Homes (our home building company) / Tendenza Fashion & Interiors (my interior decorating company) showroom. I'm working on the design board at the moment and couldn't be happier with what it's becoming! I'll be sure to share when it's further along.

I also had to choose the kitchen selections for our spec home (which is a home we build and put up for sale). I cannot wait to see the countertop. Formica has come out with some amazing color selections lately. The main kitchen cabinets will be the darker color and the island will be brown. I'm also excited to try using antique bronze hardware on the cabinets. I am so over everything matching, from the lighting fixtures to the kitchen faucet. It's 2012, let's get some excitement in our kitchens:
Aren't the countertops insane?!! Oooo boy I can hardly keep it together waiting for these bad boys to arrive.

And nothing too exciting for you on this Manic Monday, but here are some shots of a recent outfit taken during the "Golden Hour". I totally get while they call it that now...

And yea, I know I've been dangling this giveaway all last week and I still don't have my act together for it yet, which = me being the worst blogger ever. It's coming, I promise!! Hope you all had a Happy Easter!