Powder Room Design Dilemmas

I am stuck. And of all rooms to be stuck on, it's the powder room of our new home. The friggin teeny powder room. I have to restrain myself and not over design, but I really want it to be impactful since it's small, you don't spend a lot of time in there (hopefully) and it's a wow factor for guests. So here is the design board:

Now, my issue is, what do I do with the tile, wallpaper, and paint color? Do I use all that or is it too much? Here are some quick scenarios:

Walker Zanger chevron tile for the floor and wall paneling

Using all the tile options (I'm thinking this is too much)
Not using the Walker Zanger chevron tile (makes me sad) and using wall paneling on wall
I'm thinking my favorite option is the first one. I'll be using hexagon tile in the master bath and kitchen, so maybe I could forgo it in the powder room? I literally am my own worst client...