Woven Textures

Have you seen the J.Crew February catalog? I NEED THESE SHOES! This is how it played out. Me: Ooo the new J.Crew catalog. Flip, flip, flip, GASP! Husband: What happened, what?? Oh...you are so weird.

Going right on the Spring wish list:
Don't they remind you of the Parisian cafe/French bistro chairs:

I'm thinking I need these for our future home. They make cute barstools, too:

Speaking of woven textures, this was my outfit yesterday ( I know, I have the most hideous backgrounds. Please ignore the handicap spots)

I had been eyeing this open weave sweater from Old Navy and found it on sale for $10.50. How could I say no? By the way, did you know Old Navy emails you your receipt now? I have been saying this for years. Finally someone listened! The skirt is actually a dress from Zara that my dear friend gifted me. Thanks Lil! And the cowboy ankle boots are from Target.

P.S. If you love the look of a Celine bag, but don't want to take the plunge, J.Crew's new catalog had this bag that definitely has a little Celine inspiration goin on:

Alright, and one more thing. Didn't Rose Byrne look so cute at the SAG awards??

Geeze I'm a serious blabber mouth today...I feel bad for my husband who will most likely be handling the brunt of this....