Blurb Day Planner

You guys. I have discovered something amazing. You may have heard of the site Blurb, which allows you to make photo books and even publish books you design to sell. I have been on a mad search for a day planner that fit my needs and kept coming up empty handed (as you can tell since January is almost over). I then thought why not design my own? Blurb to the rescue! I completely designed my own day planner, cover and all, to fit my exact needs. I did use a little help from Photoshop for the cover, but other than that was able to use Blurb completely.

These are all the companies I'm responsible for, so I decided to make a weekly task section for each. 

I also added custom occasions, like Baby Lorenzo's due date!
I'm going to get a ribbon and hot glue it to the back cover so I can have a permanent bookmark. I am a little too excited for this. The poor Fed-Ex guy was probably wondering what kind of crazy pregnant lady gets so excited about a package. You would have thought it contained my actual baby from the stork.

There was one other company that came close to meeting my strict planner needs, but decided it would be best to just create my own. It's Russell + Hazel and they also have the cutest office accessories.
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P.S. I know it is now 2013 and who in the world still uses a day planner, but there's just something about seeing it written down that makes me feel my world is less chaotic. I'm sure some of you can relate!