House Progress

What a little sneak Blogger is. For days, I could not understand why I couldn't upload any photos to my posts. Just poof, gone was the option to do so. After a faithful googling sesh, I discovered Blogger no longer supports Internet Explorer and I had to download Google Chrome. What a bunch of little smarties they are over there at Google. First off, thanks for NOT letting me know about this and second I'd be more angry if you weren't so much faster than Internet Explorer. I'm officially converted.

Now back to blogging business, the weeks are flying by, which means we're getting closer and closer to starting to build our home. I really want to have an entire plan for every room before we start. That way, no decisions will slow us down and more importantly we can try to stick to a budget that's known in advance. I've been designing and selecting finishes whenever I can grab a free moment and here's what I have so far:

For the Kitchen:

For the Family Room:

And I'm working on the master bathroom at the moment, so I'll be sure to share when it's complete! I'm going for a parisian/european look with touches of modernity and rustic accents. Crossing my fingers I can pull this off...

Have a great weekend!