Spring Essentials

I'm back from my babymoon! I'll be sure to fill you in completely later, but I just wanted to pop by with a quick post  before continuing to dig through my email inbox. After having returned from 80 degree sunny weather, I am most definitely in the mood for Spring. Today is super crappy, misty, and gross, so in order to keep my spirits from crashing down after my post vacation high, I checked out Gap's new Spring collection and am loving it. Of course, there's lots of maternity/mom business happening below, but that's my only option right now, so take it or leave it (detect my pregnancy hormones raging?)

I'm totally stocking up on clutches since I doubt I'll want to carry around a baby bag + a purse. A little clutch  filled with my things can just go right next to the diapers without adding weight.

P.S. Today only get 35% off your online purchase! Hurry!